Covid-19 November Update

Dallas Maids - Covid-19 November Update

As the world joins forces to contain the current COVID-19 crisis, we at Dallas Maids are concerned with keeping our customers and employees safe and healthy, which is why we’re sharing our Covid-19 November update.

While we hope our lives will return to normalcy quickly, we have implemented additional safeguards. Your health is priority #1 for us during this pandemic.

Upon the onset of the pandemic, we had swiftly and carefully revamped our operations. We are ensuring our staff followed our Corona Virus Policies and Procedures along with other safety measures.

Flu season is now upon us and I thought you would want to know the additional safeguards we have taken to protect you and our staff. 1) UV-C light installed in both office AC units. 2) Continually running the AC unit’s fan to reduce airborne contaminants. 3) Staff tested for Covid-19 every two weeks.

1) UV-C Light

The UV-C light installed in our AC units is germicidal. It deactivates the DNA of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens and, as a result, destroys their ability to multiply and cause diseases. For more information on the UV-C light or if you would like to install for your office or home call Quigley Heating & Air Conditioning, the company that installed our UV-C light.

2) AC Fan

The EPA states “running your HVAC system filters the air as it is circulated, it can help reduce airborne contaminants, including viruses, indoors.” Therefore, we are also continually running our fan, coupled with the UV-C light. This will add another layer of protection for the health of our staff and the customers we serve.

3) Covid-19 Testing

Finally, Dallas Maids’ staff will be testing for Covid-19 every two weeks. Staff will be tested immediately if they have been around someone suspected or confirmed with Covid-19. They will return to work once a negative result has been provided.

Covid-19 will halt once all our employees are vaccinated. Fortunately, ACIP considers essential workers such as house cleaning services as one of four groups recommended for early COVID-19 vaccination.

Our safety measures have help keep our customers safe (knock on wood!). We are taking absolutely every precaution possible because your interests come first. With that said, we need your help!

We will waive the cancellation fee for all suspensions related to anyone in the client’s home being sick. Please note:

  • We will not send a professional home cleaner with symptoms of coronavirus or flu into a client’s home. Re-scheduling to another cleaner on a mutually convenient date will be offered when possible.
  • To protect our employees and other clients, we will not clean homes if anyone in the home is sick or showing flu-like symptoms. Please contact our office by phone of email as soon as possible when cancelling due to illness.
  • Professional home cleaners will wear masks.

May you and yours keep safe. This was our Covid-19 November update.

Thank you so much for giving us a chance to help protect you and your family.

~ Dallas Maids Happiness Team