We’re famous again!

Dallas Maids - We're famous again!

Dallas’ morning show, KTXD TV The Broadcast, had Dallas Maids on again to discuss how you can get a fresh, new, clean start for 2014.  This segment aired on January 17th, 2014: www.ktxdtv.com/story/24480383/dallas-maids

1. Deep clean your house, deep clean your body

Deep within the fibers of your rugs, the crevices of your wood and the layers of your pillows lurk many creepy scary allergens. Dust mites, mold spores, animal dander and mildew can all induce some major pain of your home and your body. I’m talking household allergens.

Not only can they cause sneezing, headaches and a general feeling of illness – but they can weaken your immune system and prevent your body from being able to deeply heal itself, renew and detox.

2. It just looks better.

This should be fairly obvious right? Straightened sheets and comforters with pillows in their proper place are far more esthetically pleasing than disheveled blankets and a pile of pillows on the floor.

A sink full of dirty dishes just looks ugly, whereas I could stare at my clean and sparkly kitchen all day long. Likewise, toys and clothes off the floor and put away are so much prettier than things scattered everywhere.

3. Zen house, Zen mood

Obviously, a clean house will make you feel more relaxed and at ease. If you keep a clean and clutter-free house a priority, you will be able to enjoy your down time at home in a zen environment. Staring at dirty laundry sprawled about the house is no way to stay peaceful.

And a clean house can easily be accented with zen-inducing aromatherapy oils like lavender and chamomile. Another way to zen-out your clean house.

4. Your kids play better.

My children have the incredible ability to make a mess instantaneously. Do your kids possess this talent? Sometimes it seems like they spend their entire day just dragging stuff out so they can leave it on the floor.

During our great purge I got rid of 4 huge bins of toys, and there is still more purging yet to be done. I have noticed, however, that when we keep their room clean (and I do make them help with this), they actually play much better.

Just like me, they can find the things they are looking for and focus on just one thing at a time instead of being overwhelmed by 5,000 toys staring at them from the floor… Not to mention you are teaching your kids the importance of a clean home.

5. You’re not embarrassed to have people over.

You’re having guests which include other adults, not just family, but *real* other adults, whom you assume have impeccably decorated and meticulously clean homes of their own, and they will be judging every square inch of your home when they come for whatever “soiree” you have decided to throw.

And when your house is clean you’re more likely to invite someone over on the spur of the moment.


That’s all for today! Once again, thanks to KTXD Tv The Broadcast for letting us give you cleaning tips to our customers.

As always, check Dallas Maids if you need a house cleaning service in Dallas, Frisco, Plano, or in other areas in the DWF area.