House Cleaning Biz 101 Product Review

Dallas Maids - House Cleaning Biz 101 Product Review

House Cleaning Biz 101 Product Review

Greg here, founder of Dallas Maids professional house cleaning service in Dallas, Texas. A few years ago I gave Gary a glowing recommendation for House Cleaning Biz 101 because he deserves kudos for creating a very valuable product. Today I’m happy to give a video review.

One of the reasons Dallas Maids has been wildly successful in providing the most value for our customers, accumulating numerous awards and recognitions is because of House Cleaning Biz 101. It has everything a house cleaning business owner needs to start and grow his business.

From the proper forms needed for all aspects of the business such as hiring, taxes, employee reviews, TO policies and procedures ensuring smooth operations, the CD set has it all.

I’d like to talk about one of the most valuable reasons to purchase this product, the CD labeled: The 3Rs of Employee Development in the House Cleaning Business. Employee Recruiting, Relations, and Retentions.

This part alone is worth the cost of the entire product many times over. Finding and keeping the best talent is THE single most important key to any business. Gary’s method allows for EFFICIENTLY sifting through quantity to locate the quality, quickly.

And once you have that quality, he shows you how to keep it. This highly efficient process allows you more time to allocate for other parts of your business such as taking care of your customers.

House Cleaning Biz 101 CD set gives you the foundation and tools to build the business of your dreams. I’d like to conclude with a portion of the referral I wrote for Gary a few years ago:

“It’s been over 8 years since I purchased the CD set and all I have to say is WOW! Its helped make Dallas Maids a huge success, winning multiple awards and recognition. The hiring process has been VERY helpful in finding the right people – and that has made all the difference.

The best thing about owning a successful business is the FREEDOM. Freedom not being confined to a 9-5 job, freedom to travel, freedom to spend time with family. Oh, the five figure monthly income isn’t bad either : ) Thanks Gary!”