Let’s talk for a minute.

Dallas Maids - Let's Talk for a Minute

Let’s talk for a minute…

If you’re like me, that phrase sends chills up your spine. My immediate response is “what’s wrong?” or “what did I do?”

Don’t worry, no one’s in trouble. I have good news.

With the nostalgia of the holidays fresh on my mind, I’ve been reflecting on the last two years. I was talking to my friend from Florida the other day and she made a funny comment. She said, “We’ve all been through so much. The last three years have been a class on collective grief and loss. Ask someone what’s happened since the pandemic started and they’ll get a glossy look on their eyes.”

Funny right? We all survived. We made it through. But it’s all a haze. This experience we went through which we’ve collectively kind of muted from our memory. We know it happened. That cannot be forgotten. But the specifics feel hazy, nebulous, fuzzy. It’s a weird experience that unites us. We know it happened. It was recent, but the memory is hard to pin down.

Unless we work to dust if off. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been reminded of so much I can be grateful for in my life. My wife, my kids. My business, my staff. You.

Candidly, we’re here because of our hard work AND your support. Covid hit and we were thrown against the ropes. So many of you paid for services that you didn’t receive. So many of you helped us stay afloat.

With things calming down, we’ve been able to move forward. We haven’t just stayed in business; we’ve grown. Your support in promoting us, in sharing with your neighbors, friends, and coworkers, has helped us not just survive but thrive.

With that in mind, this Thanksgiving, I want to say thank you and offer a small gift of appreciation. We are not raising prices anytime soon.

I belong to a group of business owners that meets regularly. In one of our recent gatherings, one owner remarked that raising prices now was kind of expected. Inflation, social unrest, general societal uncertainty. Everyone expects to pay more right now.

But we aren’t doing that. Why? First and foremost because it’s the right thing to do. We run an efficient business and your loyalty deserves a reprieve from all the higher prices these days. Above all other factors, it’s the right thing to do to hold our prices where they are. A recent congressional testimony revealed that 54% of higher prices is driven by corporate greed. Businesses just want to make more money. Well, some do. We could raise prices, but we aren’t going to. Why? Because that’s not right. That’s not who we are. And you don’t deserve to pay more just “because.”

Secondly, I want to encourage gratitude in our community. Did you know that positive online reviews lead to bonuses and extra accolades for our team? If you leave a positive Google review for your cleaning associate or team, it means something. We reward quality work. It’s not just “nice.” It means recognition here. We pay for performance. We acknowledge hard, quality work. And you can let us know when that happens.

I could go on and on. But I won’t. With Thanksgiving just days away, I want to extend a heartfelt Thank You. We’ve all been through a lot. You. Your family. Our community. And yet here we are, still moving forward. It hasn’t been easy or neat or clean or tidy. Life is messy. But here we are, plowing forward together. And while life is messy, we are grateful you let us make your home a little less so. From myself and the entire team, we wish you a very bright and happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Holidays and with deep gratitude,

Greg and the Dallas Maids Team