Service Autopilot Excel Commission Payroll Calculator

Dallas Maids - Service Autopilot Excel Commission Payroll Calculator

Hello! We have a new system for calculating the percentage/commission for employees using Service Autopilot. It’s always important to have an updated system to let you know exactly what you need to pay automatically and without room for error.

I hope you find the Service Autopilot Percentage Calculator Excel Sheet and Percentage Calculator Procedure (above) useful in calculating percentage/commission for your employees. It allows Service Autopilot users to easily calculate pay based on the percentage of the jobs.

For example, let’s say the revenue from three jobs is $100.00 per each job and the employee is paid 50% per job. In this case, the excel sheet will calculate employee’s pay at $150.00. I.e. ((100 x 3) x .50).
The excel sheet also allows you to add tips, mileage, employee percentages, etc.

Service Autopilot Commission Payroll Calculator

Where to Find the Service Autopilot Percentage Calculator

You are welcome to distribute both the calculator and procedure for free. I know it would make the lives of many users much easier! I had paid a professional excel expert to create the excel sheet for Dallas Maids and it helped tremendously.

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