Dallas Maids, proud sponsor of Preston North Lions Club

Dallas Maids - Dallas Maids, proud sponsor of Preston North Lions Club

Dallas Maids is proud to sponsor Preston North Lions Club Annual Passport to Wonder Show. The Lions Club is a non-profit organization. They receive no financial support from the federal or local government or any other organizations. They rely on local support through annual drives such as this.

The funds raised from this event will support the Lions Club Dallas I.S.D. Eyeglass Program, a program that provides eye exams and eyeglasses for school children who cannot afford them.

The funds will also be used to sponsor children who are physically disabled or recently diagnosed insulin dependent to the Texas Lions Camp in Kerrville, TX.

The Lions Club also supports the Julien C. Hyer Youth Camp (foreign youth exchange), The Lions foundation for Shadow Children, the Leader Dog for the Blind School, and the Lions Sight & Tissue Foundation (a cornea and skin bank).

In connection with this drive, the Lions Club is sponsoring their Annual Passport to Wonder Show. Save the date: Thursday, October 22nd at 7:00p.m. at the Dallas Children’s Theatre. The highly Acclaimed David Hira will be performing.

At Dallas Maids, we’re so happy to support the Preston North Lions Club and other non-profits to help our community. If you want more information and/or want to support our community, please visit our Charity page.

We are involved with Cleaning for a Reason, the Russ Martin Listeners Foundation among other charities. We even launched a First Responders Fatigue relief fund where anyone in our community (and outside of it!) can collaborate.

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