Refrigerator Redo

Dallas Maids - Refrigerator Redo

By keeping your refrigerator clean and organized you will eliminate any bacteria that will harm the overall status of your food and beverages it will help you have fresh veggies for longer periods of time. If you’re a little like me…! An organized fridge is somewhere down the bottom of the priority list.

Now don’t get me wrong I like fresh food and I’m all about vegetables, fruits, and healthy products, so I’m aware that keeping it clean is essential for preserving the freshness. Before I get into the “how to”, let me say that it all started with a phone call from my doctor, he wanted to let me know the results of my last checkup; Don’t worry, I’m Ok! But my cholesterol was a bit higher than expected.

Next morning, determined to get that fixed ASAP, I started searching in my kitchen for all the goodies and I noticed that most of my products were rotten, expired or in bad condition.  Ooohh my, ooh my. Picture my face when I found out that the mustard expired about 3 months ago. Instantly the idea of an organized fridge will avoid the waste and the bad smell coming from my veggies compartment. Ugh.

So, I started by getting everything out. Yes, everything, including the plastic and glass separators. You should unplug it before so we help save the planet and the electric bill too. Wipe the surface with liquid dish soap and remove any residue with water. Separate all the products; the good from the bad (you know what to do with the bad). Use see through containers to store your leftovers and zip lock bags for your veggies and fruits, this will remind you that you still have some of the neighbor thanksgiving turkey, sitting in your fridge. Label the expiration date with masking tape and a marker.

My advice, repeat the process every 15 days.

Just in case you get any bad smells before your next cleaning appointment, first check where the smell is coming from, once you have taken care of that, add 2 spoonfuls of coffee grains in a cup and leave it overnight, this will eliminate the odor and give you a light fragrance of coffee in the morning.