How to Wash Your Washing Machine

Dallas Maids - How to Wash Your Washing Machine

I never thought about cleaning my washing machine, since its functionality is to wash I will imagine that it’s always clean, but for my surprise, it does need some cleaning once in a while. The washing machine is a very frequently used appliance in my home because of this it only makes sense that some of the of the dirty stuff that gets off the clothing stay in the machine. To improve performance and ensure a longer lasting equipment its best to keep it clean. 

  • Fill the machine with hot water and add a liter of white vinegar and let it wash as usual, some machines have the auto clean cycle option. Mine don’t so this works just as good..! 
  • Clean the filter and remove all fuzz and wash with soap and water.
  • Don’t forget to wipe vigorously the softener and soap compartments. 
  • After each washing cycle leave the lid open to make sure the machine gets completely dry, this will help reduce the humidity that stays in it and avoid the creation of germs 

Do this twice in a year and your washing machine should serve you for years on top of years.

And if you need help with your laundry or any other cleaning task, don’t forget to contact us or book a cleaning service for your home.