Removing Pet Hair From Carpet

Dallas Maids - Removing Pet Hair

Welcome back to Dallas Maids! Today we got you one of the most requested tips from our customers: removing pet hair from carpet.

We all love our pets, we care for them and see them as family members. But what can you do when the furriest member of your family turns your regular carpet into a mohair shag rug? Depending on the breed of your pet and the season dealing with pet hair in your carpet can be overwhelming.

Here quickly are several methods of removing pet hair from upholstery and carpets.

Use a Pet Rake

This nifty item is called a pet rake but it’s really more like a brush. You can pick one up at pet stores or major department stores. It’s pretty simple, you just brush it slowly across the area with pet hair and it should pick the hair up with it’s bristles.

You can clean the brush as you go, removing the pet hair with your hand and collecting it in a small trash bag. You might also try a velour brush if you can’t find a pet rake.

Tape Sticky

tape is great for picking up pet hair in small areas or off of clothing. You can use almost any kind of tape except for duct tape or similar tapes because those may leave a gummy substance on fabrics. Masking tape works great.

Simply make a loop around your hand and then lightly pat the surface you are trying to clean. The hair should come right up! When the tape loses it’s stickiness it’s time to get a fresh loop and start again. Toss the furry tape into the trash as you go. You may be able to find a special tape roller made just for this purpose in pet stores.

Shoes and Sponges

In a pinch the rubber bottom of a clean tennis shoe will pick up pet hair nicely. The same goes for a slightly damp, clean sponge. Just make sure whatever you are using it on won’t be damaged by the moisture.

Another possibility is a “pet sponge”, you can find them at pet stores or home improvement stores. Those are used dry to pick up hair.

Your Vacuum

Not every vacuum is equipped to take on the challenge of a pet hair problem. Your vacuum will need to have a good beater brush or brush roll also a brush attachment can be useful for hard to reach areas or furniture. Remember to empty the bag often if your vacuum has one!

Pet hair removal may be the price to pay for the joy that owning an animal can bring to your life. Now at least you have an arsenal of tricks to win the pet hair war. That’s it for this edition of Clean Freaks and as always: if it sounds like too much work just call Dallas Maids!