Getting Rid of Pet Fleas

Dallas Maids - Getting Rid of Pet Fleas

Today we will tackle a tough and common problem for pet owners: pet fleas in the carpet.

If you have pets it’s almost inevitable that at some point you will have a flea problem. Unless your animal never leaves the house those sneaky critters will hitch a ride and make themselves at home in your carpet and furniture.

They multiply quickly so as soon as you see that first flea you should start treating your home and your pet!

Feeling itchy yet? Let’s get started! Here’s our video uploaded to our YouTube channel with all the steps.

And if you prefer to read all the tips and tricks, you’ll find all the info down below. Keep on reading!

Vacuum Your Pet Fleas to Victory

When waging a war on fleas your vacuum is your best ally. Vacuum all of the carpet in your home daily while you have an active flea infestation. You can put a flea collar in the bag of your vacuum to maximize the effect.  You should give special attention to areas where your pet spends a lot of time, going over those areas several times.

Make sure to vacuum under furniture as well. When you are done vacuuming for the day it is absolutely necessary that you throw away the sealed vacuum bag, wrap it in plastic and throw it in an outside garbage can. If you don’t the fleas can easily escape and you may end up depositing them into other areas of your home!

Rugs and Mats

You should wash all of your rugs and mats thoroughly and often while you are fighting a flea infestation. Make sure they are completely dry before putting them back in place, fleas thrive in moisture. If you have rugs that have to be professionally cleaned you may want to store them until your home is flea-free.

Treat the Area

There are lots of great products you can use to fight fleas in carpet. When purchasing any flea pesticide, make sure it is labeled as containing ingredients that not only kill fleas but their eggs as well. Most of the available products can be grouped into 3 categories:

Pet Fleas Bombs and Foggers

These little devices are great for treating an entire room at a time, or even the whole house. You should close all doors and windows before you bomb. Turn off the central heat or air and if possible you should close off the vents as well.

Then basically you press a button on the fogger or bomb to set it and then leave the area immediately; closing the door behind you. The device then sprays insect-killing vapors into the air. Make sure to read the instructions on your particular bombs or foggers very carefully. You will need to remove your pets from the home when you set the bombs, and the whole family will need to be out of the house while the vapor does its job. 

Spray Your Pet Fleas Away

Spray products can be great for spot treating or for cleaning those hard-to-reach areas. Your veterinarian should be able to recommend a good one.

Pet Fleas Powders

Anti-flea powders are excellent as an ongoing treatment for flea infestations in carpet. You might also try Borax, an all-purpose cleaning powder that can be very effective against pet fleas. You simply sprinkle it all over the carpet, work it in with a brush or a broom and then let it sit without vacuuming for a day or two. It’s not harmful to pets so you can rest easy.


Now that you have an arsenal of products and tricks at your disposal you are sure to win the war against the fleas in your carpet. Of course treating the carpet is just one step to having your home flea-free. You will need to treat your pet and possibly other areas or items in your home before you can declare victory.

That’s it for this edition of Clean Freaks and as always: if it sounds like too much work just call Dallas Maids!