Spring Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

Dallas Maids - Spring Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

Hi! Welcome back to Dallas Maids! Spring has officially started! That’s why we’re bringing our top spring cleaning Frequently Asked Questions.

Spring cleaning is simply the practice and process of thoroughly cleaning your house during springtime. Although you should always clean your house, it is particularly important during spring. The reason is that the transition from winter to spring often leaves different surfaces dirty and in need of a serious makeover. 

However, apart from this fact, not too many people know how to kickstart spring cleaning and make the most out of the process. Let’s answer a few questions to help you know more about the process. 

What do you do for spring cleaning? 

Simple, clean. Okay, maybe that is not all simple as it sounds. To get the best out of your cleaning, make a list of all the rooms and all items you need to clean. Then, start cleaning from each room to keep the process specific and satisfactory. For example, dust the light fixtures and ceiling fans, clean the windows and vacuum the floors and curtain. 

After taking care of the living area, move to the kitchen for cleaning and repeat the process for

all the rooms in your house. You may also need to clean outdoor areas like the roof, gutters, etc. 

Here is a free printable spring cleaning checklist to help you get started!

Why do they call it spring cleaning? 

Most researchers trace spring cleaning origin to the Persian new year, which coincidentally falls on the first day of spring. During this time, the entire house is cleaned. Apart from this, some suggestions predict that spring cleaning dates to the ancient Jewish practice of cleaning before Passover, which also is a springtime festival. 

The religious beliefs aside, after the 18th century, most people in wet and continental climates prefer to clean and dust during March. The reason is that it is often warm enough during March to open the doors and windows and the wind can carry dust out of the house. Apart from this, it is not warm enough for insect problems. 

When should I start deep cleaning? 

Dallas Maids cleaner vacuuming a living room

First off, you can start deep cleaning when the warm afternoon breeze ushers in spring freshness. The moment you feel like opening the windows, you can start spring cleaning. Apart from this, a more concrete plan is to clear a day or two from your schedule for cleaning. You can do this on a weekend so you can give your home the cleaning it deserves. 

Why is spring cleaning good for you? 

Spring cleaning or cleaning is generally a healthy way to live. Cleaning helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle as it rids your house of dirt, dust, bacteria, and viruses. Apart from this, it keeps a house tidy enough for convenient movements without restriction. It also reduces the risk of injuries from falls, slips, and bumps. 

Apart from this, a clean house promotes a clear mind as it eases anxiety, depression, and stress. More importantly, spring cleaning is a way of exercising your body and making time for family and friends. Depending on how you do it, the process can be fun and enjoyable

How to start deep cleaning? 

  • Be specific and clean one room at a time 
  • Organize your cleaning routines into schedules 
  • Declutter and organize your task 
  • Involve your friends or household 
  • Use recommended and minimum cleaning products 
  • Tackle seasonal chores first 
  • Form a cleaning habit and routine 

What is spring cleaning checklist? 

Spring cleaning checklist is a list of actionable plans to break your cleaning into timely achievable goals. Like all checklists, it contains things you should clean and in what specific order. This way, you can complete cleaning without getting tired or losing interest. It also ensures you clean every part of your home. 


That’s it for today! Our top spring cleaning Frequently Asked Questions.

Spring cleaning is easy when you know what you are doing. I hope these Spring Cleaning FAQs have helped with that!