The Science of Cleaning: Clean Your House Without Losing Enthusiasm

Dallas Maids - The Science of Cleaning_ The Quickest Way to Clean Your House Without Losing Enthusiasm

Welcome back to Dallas Maids! Spring cleaning is just around the corner! Discover some exciting and quick ways to clean your house without losing enthusiasm.

Who said cleaning should be boring and stressful? See, I’ve come to realize that the reason why we don’t succeed at something is either because we are doing the wrong job or doing it without enthusiasm. Have you ever started cleaning and stopped mid-way? Yeah, it happens to a lot of people.  

I know you know all there is to know about cleaning. Wait… see what I did there? Anyways, let me show you some exciting and quick ways to clean your house with. Especially useful since spring cleaning is just around the corner…

Play some gosh-darn music!

Yeah, I said what I said, play music. One fact that has been established well over and over again is that you notice when time passes when you are having fun. Music triggers the release of dopamine, a pleasure chemical in your brain. Like when you eat food or try something exciting, dopamine lets you want more and more of that activity. Music also increases your primal need for connection so it helps you finish a boring task faster without feeling bored.

Put it differently, music is good for the soul, motivates you, elevates your mood, and distracts you from the workload. It also helps you stay on track. But can you do something else that makes you feel the same way? In a way, yes. For example, you may argue that drawing makes you feel the same way. However, it requires time and energy, which in itself is distracting. Conversely, music only requires you to hum, shake your body, and clean away.

Try body movements and minor exercise

Exercise is not all about hitting the gym with crazy body goals. In fact, intuitive movements are sometimes the best forms of exercise. Intuitive movement simply means connecting your body and movements based on internal cues. As a result, you determine the intensity, frequency, and length of the movements. But how does it help cleaning?

Cleaning with respect to body movement encourages mindfulness. Not just this, it takes your mind off your chores and makes it appear fun. For example, running up and down the stairs or swaying your body to match a rhythm are forms of intuitive movements. Imagine cleaning the walls. You can make patterns with your hands and arms, draw circles, establish a rhythm, and move your body decisively. Not only will this help you clean mindfully, but it is also a handy way of exercising your body.

So, yes. You can clean your house and still get premium low-tone exercise from deliberate body movements.

Clean with a friend or get your kids involved

Don’t clean alone if you want cleaning to be fun. Instead, clean with friends or your family members. In an atmosphere like this, you can turn cleaning into a game. For example, you can assign tasks and make charts with each completed task attracting points. The person with the highest number of points wins and gets a prize.

Dallas Maids - A couple playing with cleaning supplies and doing house chores

Race against the time

Another way to add thrill to your cleaning is to race against the clock. This is even better if you are not cleaning alone. Watch to see who cleans the fastest and set rewards for the winner.  

Stock cleaning supplies

Protect your home and family by using the right cleaning supplies. Stock up on sponges, dusters, vacuum, and clothes that won’t make you struggle with each task.

Create a checklist

For orderliness, make a list of your cleaning needs, routines, and strategies. This action reduces stress and encourages deliberate and timely action. Make a list of all the rooms and how you intend to clean them, and the cleaning supplies. A list also presents the perfect opportunity to get everyone involved in cleaning. Plus, it saves time on thinking and deliberating and replaces it with actionable plans. You are absolutely welcome to use Dallas Maids free and printable spring cleaning checklist.


So back to my question, do you think cleaning should be stressful and boring? Absolutely not. The question of how you feel when cleaning depends on your cleaning plans and strategies.

Clean like you would any other fun activities and you will discover that cleaning can be a fun and exciting activity.

That’s it for today! Remember to check Dallas Maids booking page if you need a house cleaning service in Dallas. Also, bookmark our cleaning blog so you don’t miss our cleaning tips. We’ll be back soon!