Spring Is Here in Dallas! Read Our Spring Cleaning Guide (Part II)

Dallas Maids - Spring Is Here In Dallas! Our Spring Cleaning Guide (Part II)

Hello! We’re back with Part II of our Spring Cleaning guide!

It has been a crazy month but now we’re here to for Part II of this guide so you can create the perfect spring cleaning checklist that matches your schedule and routine.

Last time, we covered how to start with your spring cleaning, and we started covering two challenging areas: your kitchen and your bathroom. Now, we will finish with the rest of your home: your office or workspace, your living room and your bedrooms.

Always keep in mind that you can adapt this guide and add or remove areas and tasks as you deem necessary.

Before we start, here’s a quick recap of the previous article: remember to set your priorities because you might not have time to actually cover each nook and cranny of your home, especially if you’re doing this on your own instead of hiring a professional service.

You will need to grab your cleaning supplies as well: you will need basic cleaning agents (vinegar, baking soda, and dish soap), your equipment (a steam cleaner, a mop and a vacuum cleaner) as well as the must-haves which are microfiber towels, sponges, and any special products for delicate surfaces, such as granite or marble.

Now, let’s move on with the rest of your rooms. Let’s go!

Spring Cleaning Step Four: Your Living Room

We all know your living room is the heart of the home and it’s not easy to keep everything in place. Besides, it’s the first room you invite your guests to spend when they visit you. The good news is, it probably takes less time than your kitchen and your bathroom.

First of all, you should declutter and organize your items. Living areas usually have a lot of surfaces, like your TV stand or your bookshelf. By taking everything out, it’s easier to wipe surfaces and drawers.

After you’ve taken all your items, start by vacuuming your empty furniture. Now, you have two choices here: you can leave it as it is or you can take an extra step and moisturize your furniture, especially if they are made from wood.

To do so, you should mix 1/2 cup of olive oil and ¼ cup of lemon juice, and wipe using a microfiber cloth. If you see any excess after you’ve finished, wipe again with a clean, dry cloth.

Next, you have your sofa and your armchairs. Here, you should be extra careful because each material should be treated differently. Some materials, such as leather and linen, need extra care and specialized products. Check the care tag for each piece of furniture, as well as the material and apply the proper product.

Dallas Maids - Vacuuming Sofa

Spring Cleaning Step Five: Your Bedrooms

Next on the list, we have your bedrooms.

Because this is a spring cleaning guide, besides your regular cleaning steps for your bedroom, you should also wash items like your pillows, your comforters, your weighted blankets and any extra bedding you’re currently using.

According to research, pillowcases have from 3 to 5 million units of bacteria per square inch after a week since the last time they were washed. Imagine what happens to the rest of your bedding! This is why you should definitely clean all your bedding. If you don’t know how, it’s quite easy!

For your pillows, you can toss them in the washing machine. Just toss a few of them at the same time to balance the load, and wash using cold water and a delicate cycle. Some materials such as memory foam or latex, should be washed by hand only.

For comforters and heavy blankets, check the care label first to see whether they are machine washable, hand washable, or not washable at all (which means you should spot clean them only). Usually, you should use cold water, a delicate cycle, and low heat.

While your bed linen is getting washed, you might want to tackle the rest of your bedroom. A rule of thumb for cleaning is to start from top to bottom. If you have any surfaces such as nightstands, TV stands, open shelves or vanity tables, give them a good rundown. Use your vacuum (using the brush attachment) and wiping with a one-part white vinegar, one-part water mix. Make sure you wipe everything out after you finish and that the surface dries properly.

Don’t forget about vacuuming and mopping your floors, of course. If you have extra time, decluttering your closet is a great idea!

Dallas Maids - Decluttering and organizing clothes

Spring Cleaning Step Six: Your Office or Workspace

Your office or workspace needs some care as well. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started, the number of people working from home increased remarkably and adapting their spaces to suit their professional needs.

Your current workspace at home probably has one or more of the following features: a flat surface such as a table or desk, some easy-access shelves or cabinets, and then a more private, secondary storage area. You most likely have a desk chair as well as a desktop computer or laptop as well, even if it’s not your primary tool for work.

The steps would be similar to the other areas. You need to take your office supplies, declutter and organize what you use. Then, wipe inside the drawers, cabinets or any other storage area. Wipe and disinfect your surfaces as well.

If you do have a desktop pc or laptop, make sure you clean them thoroughly as well, especially if several people in your household share the same computer. According to research, keyboards and mice are filled with bacteria, so take the necessary steps to disinfect those pieces without harming your computer, of course.

Electronics should be handled only using a microfiber cloth with the tiniest amount of water. You will probably need a small, handheld vacuum cleaner as well, and a soft-bristled brush. However, make sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions first.

Dallas Maids - Cleaning Workstation Laptop and Office Supplies

Spring Cleaning Step Seven: Your Floors

Of course, we couldn’t leave your floors out of this spring cleaning guide! As mentioned above, cleaning from top to bottom is the right way. By now all your floors will probably have dust and debris all over the place.

Pretty much all types of floors require to be swept and vacuumed first. Then, depending on the type of floor you might take the next step. For example, for cleaning carpet floors you might need to use an enzyme cleaner. For tile floors, you might want to scrub with hot, soapy water.

If you need a DIY universal floor cleaner, a 1:1 vinegar and water mix is a good place to start. You can add a few drops of essential oil for a nice fragrance. Vinegar works for many types of floors such as linoleum and tile floors.

Of course, make sure all these products are safe to use on your floors first. Don’t forget to test in a small, hidden area. Vinegar is a versatile cleaner but some materials, such as marble and hardwood floors, do not get along well with it, especially with prolonged use.

In this case, it’s best to start with areas such as your kitchen and your bathroom, which probably have residues of soap, grease or oil. If you have tile floors, you can leave your cleaning product acting on the surface for 15 or 30 minutes while you take care of the rest of your home.

Dallas Maids - Mopping Hardwood Floors

Bonus Tips

Now that your home looks like a million dollars, you must be feeling a bit tired but happy with the results. Here are some bonus tips so that your spring cleaning gives you the best results!

As we mentioned above, always test your cleaning products first before applying to the entire area or surface.

A good rule of thumb to start is to think of every area that you haven’t cleaned, and make sure they are a priority. This attention to detail is what sets apart a good spring cleaning from just regular cleaning. Areas and surfaces such as baseboards, ceiling fans, air vents, and windows, are often ignored.

You can’t do all cleaning chores and areas at the same time or with the same frequency. Of course, some areas demand regular care, while others need to be cleaned a few times a year. This is perfectly normal, but it also means that those areas should become your priority now.

Finally, remember not to underestimate the time and energy it takes to deep clean. By creating more realistic timetables, you will avoid getting frustrated or overwhelmed. The goal here is to make it a pleasant experience, and why not, even a fun one.

Dallas Maids’ Spring Cleaning Checklist Printable

Last but not least, we prepared a printable checklist so you can keep track of each task without forgetting. Feel free to put in on your fridge or in your agenda.

As always, remember this is only a guide. You are free to adapt it to your own household and cleaning needs. Each category has an extra line so you can fill it out with any cleaning task that you feel important for this spring cleaning.

Plus, each task has a small, empty space at the beginning. You can use this to mark each area as “completed” once you finish. Or, if you’re cleaning alongside friends, roommates, or family, you can assign a letter to each task to identify what each member needs to clean.

Remember you can share this article to your friends and family so they can get it as well!

Spring Cleaning Checklist


It’s not easy to find a reliable cleaning service in Dallas, but don’t worry. With Dallas Maids, we got you covered and our deep cleaning service is ideal if you want to avoid a spring-cleaning on your own.

Spring cleaning can be something fun if you take the time for it, and after you see the benefits of your home that looks like brand new, you’ll want to do it again soon.