Our Biggest Move-In Clean Special Yet! for Ebby Realtors

Dallas Maids - Our Biggest Move-In Clean Special Yet! for Ebby Realtors

Special Only for Ebby Halliday Realty

The BEST Move-In Clean Special we’ve ever done! ONLY for Ebby Realtors because Mrs. Ebby Halliday was one of the BEST customers we’ve ever had!

Free Home Disinfecting

Give your clients peace of mind when moving into their new homes. Our professional-grade, EPA-registered hospital disinfectant kills 99.999% of corona-family viruses!

We are offering you this extra, free of charge, until the Coronavirus pandemic has passed. It’s a fantastic deal if you ask us!

$50.00 OFF! Not Only for Ebby Realty, But for EVERYONE!

On top of that, get $50.00 OFF Any Move In/Out Cleaning. Just use discount code “EBBY50” when calling or at the online checkout at dallasmaids.com/ booking-page.

How We Help Protect Your Clients

In the wake of COVID-19, we have taken extraordinary measures to protect our clients. Those measures are shared in this blog post and Dallas Maids’ Coronavirus Policies and Procedures.


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Thank you for giving us the chance to help protect your clients’ health while making their new home sparkle!

~ Dallas Maids Happiness Team

P.S.  Mrs. Ebby Halliday was the kindest, most extraordinary customer we’ve ever had the privilege to serve. In an industry where cleaners may not receive the most respect, Mrs. Halliday was a beam of warm light in our cleaners’ professional lives. Her extraordinary wit and intelligence shined with her cheery conversations with us.

She was sharp as a tack until she passed; easy to see how Mrs. Halliday’s intelligence, wit, and genuine love of people propelled her to well-deserved success. We miss her!

P.S.S. Don’t forget to check Dallas Maids cleaning blog! We are so happy to share our cleaning tips and get you to learn how to clean your home faster and smarter. We will be back soon with more cleaning tips!