A Holiday Letter for Our Amazing Cleaning Staff

Dallas Maids - A Holiday Letter for Our Amazing Cleaning Staff

Happiness is a hard thing to define. It certainly is different for everyone in particular ways. We call it different things: joy, delight, elation, contentment, pleasure. At its core, it’s something important that makes life not just bearable but a feeling that things are the way they should be.

While writing about happiness, a philosopher described one part of it as “time without purpose.” No chores, no errands, no bills to worry about, no mess in the kitchen to clean. Happiness in part is the ability to simply be and do whatever you want.

Philosophical ramblings are great but what does this have to do with us? By cleaning the homes of our customers, you make happiness a possibility. Hours spent cleaning after a long day vanish. Friends can gather without the host being stressed about dusting. A quiet meal can be enjoyed in front of the television or with a loved one. Games can be played, books read, conversations enjoyed – all without the distraction of folding laundry, cleaning dishes, vacuuming, dusting, taking out the garbage and the thousand other little things that pile up.

Yes, we clean homes. More than that, we make home a place of happiness because it can once more be “time without purpose”. Time spent by our customers doing whatever they love. You make that possible – you make happiness, calm, and peace at home more likely. That is something worth celebrating and being proud of.

A Happy Holiday After a Difficult Year

As 2021 began I think many of us looked to the new year in hopes that it would be a turning of the page from the trials of 2020. In some ways it has been but in others it has been very difficult – COVID-surges, price increases, rising stress levels among customers, personal struggles. All layered on top of an already beleaguered nation. I know at times each of us has felt the burnout, exhaustion, fatigue, and sadness these last two years have laid upon us. Yet through it all, you endured. You kept showing up to work, serving with excellence, and getting things done. That is no small feat.

I want to recognize each of you for the stellar work you have done and more than that, celebrate you. This Christmas, I am delighted to give each of you a larger Christmas bonus. The government has forgiven the second loan given to us to survive the Pandemic and my only thought was to use that money to thank each of you sincerely. Everyone received an individual bonus that was determined by your length of employment and your overall performance.

The holiday season is always busy for us. People want and need clean homes amidst the busyness of this season. I know with great confidence that we will continue to provide great customer service and make home a place that can be full of happiness. Equally important, I want you to enjoy yourselves and your family and friends this Christmas. I hope this holiday bonus makes this Christmas more joyous, less stressful, and gives you a chance to enjoy time without purpose – happiness.

Exceedingly grateful for each of you,


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