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I am excited to offer you an early Happy Valentine’s Day greeting. While the modern incarnation of this holiday seems to be bent toward chocolates, romantic dinners, and greeting cards, I decided this year to do a little research.

St. Valentine is a complicated guy. Supposedly he lived in Rome during the 2nd century and was a contemporary with the loathed Emperor, Claudius the Cruel.

Fearing the flagging loyalty of his imperial army, Claudius outlawed marriage for all Roman soldiers. This decree went over about as well as you would expect.

Valentine, a minister in the city of Rome or possibly a bishop in Interamna (reports are unclear) bravely defied the emperor’s decree. He wed numerous couples in secret for quite some time. Eventually he was found out and beheaded for his “crime.”

The Catholic church lists two other possible St. Valentine’s – one who served in Rome and another who was a bishop in Italy. Regardless of the patron saint’s true identity, his martyrdom (all three were killed for their faith) is always connected to celebrating the special bond of love. We’ve come a long way since that time – Hallmark seems to define Valentine’s Day for us each year.

Valentine’s Day from Dallas Maids

But this year I want to wish you a truly Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Dallas’ Maids. Whether you are single and simply enjoying and celebrating who you are or dating, engaged, or married and doting upon another, we want you to have a truly enjoyable Valentine’s Day. As you think about caring for yourself or someone you love, we have a special offer just for you.

Any gift card purchased by Tuesday February 15, 2022 and you will get a 2nd gift card equal to half the amount of the 1st. So, if you purchase a $500 gift card, you’ll get a 2nd one for $250.00, free! Just send us an email with your name, the purchase amount, and mention this email. Our sign of care and affection to you because you love. That is something worth celebrating.

From all of us at Dallas Maids, Happy Valentine’s Day – let’s go show the people we love how much they mean to us!

~ Greg & the Dallas Maids happiness team

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