What To Do When Cleaning Staff Steal Your Customers

Dallas Maids - What To Do When Cleaning Staff Steal Your Customers

Running a cleaning company successfully depends on building an honest, well-trained team and a regular clientele. When your employees poach customers and work directly for the customers, it’s extremely dangerous for your business. Therefore, it’s also dangerous for the livelihoods that depend upon your company.

Should you find an employee stealing your customers, it’s in your best interest to prosecute, thus dissuading other employees from stealing too. Having filed multiple lawsuits on behalf of Dallas Maids, I provide proven methods in one of my books: “What To Do When Your Cleaning Staff Steals Your Customers”.

These methods have led to successful settlements that have resulted in recovering thousands of dollars in damages. Win or lose, you’ll have sent a message that you take poaching deadly seriously. Hopefully, they will reconsider stealing your customers and stay away from legal trouble.