7 Things Your Housekeeper Wont Tell You

Dallas Maids - 7 Things Your Housekeeper Wont Tell You

Hello and welcome back to Dallas Maids! Sometimes, house cleaners are afraid to speak their minds directly. That’s why today we’re sharing 7 things your housekeeper won’t tell you!

We’ve been in the house cleaning business in Dallas for nearly a decade and we’ve seen it all! Your housekeeper may be biting her tongue about any or all of these well-kept secrets!

Housekeeper secret #1- She’s terrified of your dog!

Even if you put Fluffy outside or in a crate during service (please do) his barking/growling reminds her constantly that he’s there and plotting how to free himself.

Just make sure he’s completely secured. Even non-aggressive dogs should be kept out of the area being cleaned. The cleaning products can be hazardous for a curious pup!

Housekeeper secret #2- She’s not a babysitter.

Your little angels will no doubt be tempted to follow the housekeeper from room to room, and that’s ok, we don’t mind answering a curious 5 year old’s questions or cooing over your toddler. But (!) we can’t watch them for you, please keep an eye on them.

The products we are using can be hazardous and poisonous if swallowed. So, make sure Junior has something else to keep him occupied while the housekeeper works her magic.

Housekeeper secret #3- She can’t read your mind.

While she may seem like a miracle worker when it comes to soap scum and oven grease she can’t guess that you want your clothes hung up according to color and sleeve length.

Everyone likes their home to look a certain way. If you would like her to do something differently you are going to have to spell it out for her.

Housekeeper secret #4- She appreciates the little things. 

Whether it’s that you tidied up and picked up clutter before your service or that you gave her a good tip for a job well done you can be sure that your housekeeper is thankful for her job and for you.

Housekeeper secret #5- She has a life.

… and probably a family. She won’t always be able to accommodate your schedule and she appreciates a heads up if you need to cancel because it changes her whole day.

Housekeeper secret #6- 

She hates it when you walk across the freshly mopped floor with dirty shoes.

Yeah, we know, she said “Oh it’s ok, don’t worry about it!” But she is cringing from the inside. Try not to dirty anything until she’s done, pretty please!

Housekeeper secret #7- She cares.

She feels like part of the family, she is happy when things go well and sad when you have problems. She will do anything she can to help so if you need her just ask.