3 Steps To Easily Clean Your Oven

Dallas Maids - 3 Steps To Easily Clean Your Oven

If you need to clean your oven after some time, look no further. The cleaning artists of Dallas Maids have cleaned thousands of ovens over our 15 years of cleaning experience.

So I thought you would want to know our simple secret on how to make oven cleaning crazy easy while avoiding damages.

Here are 3 simple steps on how to easily clean your oven from Liliana and Luz. they are one of our outstanding cleaning teams and have been with Dallas Maids for many years.

Follow these Steps to Clean Your Oven

1) Place rags to line bottom of door, preventing drippage.

2) Liberally spray first the top, then sides, and finally the bottom with oven cleaner, letting it soak for an hour.

3) After an hour of soaking, simply use a rag to effortlessly wipe off the grime. No abrasive brushes needed!
If the grime is especially stubborn, wipe off what you can then spray again, letting it soak for another hour. Then wipe clean.

Don’t forget to line the bottom opening with rags! When you clean your oven, the biggest mistake is forgetting to place a few thick clothes under the oven door to prevent the oven cleaner from dripping down and ruining your cabinets and/or floor… especially wood floors that can cost thousands to repair.

Can safely cleaning an oven get any effortless?? Actually, yes… just call Dallas Maids!