Covid 19 Update – February 2022

Dallas Maids - Covid-19 Update

I hope this letter finds you shaking off the fog of the holidays and enjoying your new year so far. December is always such an engaging and special time of year but it’s also nice to get back to routine and life as we know it.

I’m not sure why many of us feel that way but I think it has to do with something all of us found lacking the last 2 years: stability. I like to know things are stable and I can rely on them. Of course, life throws curveballs. But overall stability is nice. Then COVID-19 struck and we all lost that unspoken element of our lives. Our compass for navigating was off-kilter.

As 2022 started I want stability. I crave it. Maybe you are like me in that way. I am glad to report that since the initial hammer dropped in March 2020 we have been gradually getting back to normal with a few hiccups along the way.

As January begins, I want to be upfront and say we are beginning to experience another of those hiccups. By now I’m sure you know that the new omicron variant is widespread nationally but also within our greater metropolitan area. Mercifully this version seems to be less severe but on the other hand it is more contagious. With this new curveball I want to let you know what we continuing to do to ensure our teams’ and your safety.

Our COVID Safety Measures

  • Team members are asked how they are feeling regularly. In the event a team member has any symptoms of COVID-19 or any illness, we will have them return home until they receive a negative COVID-19 test.
  • We will communicate openly with you about the disruption that may occur. Our team will let you know that another staff member will be serving you. Or, you can reschedule your cleaning if you prefer. Either way we will let you know that health precautions have changed our plans for the day and engage you in how to serve you best.
  • We continue to enact safety procedures we established earlier. You can read more about them here: Dallas Maids’ Coronavirus Safety Procedures
  • We ask that all customers inform us of any illness in their home or known Covid exposure within the last 5 days. This doesn’t automatically mean a cleaning will be rescheduled. Rather it warrants a conversation together to assess the risk and help everyone remain safe.

All of this stinks. I get it. I want it to be over too. If we happen to contact you to let you know something has changed, I hope the instability of it won’t get to loud or noisy in your mind. Instead, I hope you will hear myself and my team saying “we value you and don’t want to make you sick. You’re too important to us to do that.”

If 2021 taught me anything it’s that the rolling of the calendar from one year to another doesn’t mean things instantly change. But as years pass, we adapt and become more resilient. I hope 2022 is insanely predictable. Like nothing for historians to write about. Just people working, loving those around them, and going about their business. But when life throws us curveballs, we worked together to take care of each other, knowing that a change today could mean someone is healthy and alive tomorrow.

Warmest Regards and Happy New Year,

~ The Dallas Maids Happiness Team