Dallas Maids – The Best Dallas House Cleaning Company

Dallas Maids - The Best Dallas House Cleaning Company

Dallas Maids was featured in an article from The DFW Review.

Dallas Maids has been providing superior Dallas house cleaning services since 2004. They have an intense commitment to their employees and retain their amazing talent through awesome benefits, above-average pay, and professional efficiency.

Only 2% of their applicants pass their stringent interview process, so you can rest assured that you will get the best cleaning services in Dallas when you reach out to Dallas Maids. Continue reading to learn more about this local cleaning company by reading our interview with the owner, Greg Shephard.

Greg, What Is Your Background, Education and Work Experience?

Native-born of Chicago but grew up mostly in the south. However, I studied Information Systems and Marketing at Baylor University. Information Systems because in the mid-90’s it was apparent being computer savvy would be a necessary asset as personal computers and the internet quickly became staples in our lives. Marketing because I simply loved it. And I was fortunate to have studied both at an amazing university such as Baylor. They both proved integral to my professional success.

After graduating in 1998, I landed my first job at IBM. I considered myself incredibly lucky to have a chance to work at Big Blue. I worked technical support but it was not just a normal technical support job. My job was working on IBM’s supercomputers which were, at the time, the fastest computers in the world. We got calls from places such as the White House (they had the computer in their basement) and Los Alamos National Laboratory (they ran nuclear simulations on it).

One night I got a call from the State of Ohio where I spent the entire night making sure the computer was functioning in the morning before they started normal business hours. Knowing the entire state is relying on you to make sure they can operate the next day was exhilarating yet quite stressful. You may have heard of Deep Blue. It was the first computer defeat of reigning World Chess Champion and legend Garry Kasparov. Yeah, that was a cool first job for a college student.

After Big Blue I started working at Bank of America. This is where I was responsible for computer systems that supported the Bank’s Trusts’ systems. Though sitting in front of a blue screen day in and out was wearing on me. Sure, the money was good but there is more in life than a fat paycheck. This is what led me to leave the high-tech world and start my house cleaning company. Today it is one of the largest, most recognizable names in home cleaning in Dallas!

Why Should A Potential Customer Choose Dallas Maids for Their Dallas House Cleaning?

I could go on for hours talking about how we are the best house cleaning service in Dallas (and we are!), though I don’t need to. First, we thrive because of what our customers say about us. They love referring us to their friends and family.

So much so, that referrals are one of our top two sources of new clientele. Also, just see what they say about our maid service in their online reviews at sites such as Google, Yelp, Angie’s List, anywhere. I am humbled by how much they love our service. And making them happy, makes me happy.

Second, Dallas Maids has garnered a long list of awards and recognition for the quality of our house cleaning service. We have a glowing review from D Magazine, Winner of the Consumer Choice Award, and so many others. To the best of my knowledge, we are the most award-winning maid service in Dallas. Just take a look here: https://www.dallasmaids.com/awards-recognitions

What Caused You to Start This Business?

Well, I really wanted to build a business. I wanted to create something that would provide value to other people. The goal was to see the big picture, not just hack away at code in front of a computer. 

I got tons of ideas from the books that I began to read, and I wrote all of them in a pocketbook that I kept on me. Over time, this list of ideas grew and became something special. After analyzing my maid service idea, I decided that it was the best one and that I could not fail.

I then created a basic website, quit my job, and hired two maids and an office manager. I started off pretty frugal and rented a small office space to begin building my business.

How Do You See Your Business Growing In The Following Years?

Dallas Maids will be around for years to come. We are continually refining our systems to stay ahead of the competition and provide the best house cleaning in Dallas, period. Within 5 years I plan to splinter off Dallas Maids and form a new maid service in Frisco.

The demand for cleaning service up there is crazy. And in order to keep our staff on a first-name basis with our customers, it’s best not to get too big. So starting a new maid service would be an ideal solution.

What Is Your Mission Statement

It’s not so much of a statement as it is an overview or general strategy. People can read about our mission on our website at https://www.dallasmaids.com/our-mission/ 

Where Can People Learn More About Your Business?

We have a wealth of information about who we are and how we do business at http://staging.dallasmaids.com/. Also, our Facebook page and YouTube channel are very popular.

And, of course, you can find us on Twitter: