First Responders Fatigue Relief Fund

What: Free housecleaning for first responders – Donate a home cleaning to a first responder AND help a local cleaning company (Us!) keep their staff employed.

When: From now until donations run out.

Where: To help our first responders in Dallas, please donate hereWe are expecting more demand than donations can accommodate. So any amount helps!

Why: Many of our amazing clients are still paying after cancelling service to support our small, local cleaning business. We are paying their kindness forward to first responders by donating free housecleaning.

Why We’re Doing This

My name is Greg, President of Dallas Maids residential cleaning company. We have been in business for 16 years and for 16 years have been adding happiness to Dallas families’ lives by removing the tedious chore of cleaning. Now, Dallas families are adding to our happiness.

To say this pandemic has been hard on small businesses is an understatement. At first, we had a few cancellations trickle in. Our cleaning staff expressed surprise that their checks were not affected as much as they had expected. Then Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins issued an order for all non-essential businesses to closed down Monday at 11:59 pm, March 23rd. Residential cleaning services were deemed essential businesses. We could stay open for business. Initially I was optimistic.

Yet times are uncertain and the media sounds scary. People are fearful of the coronavirus, fearful of the looming recession and possible depression. The trickle of cancellations transformed into an avalanche.

Faced with what seemed the imminent demise of a cleaning company I had loved and labored so hard to build over the years, something amazing happened…

Our Customers Came to Our Rescue!

Some cancelled service yet volunteered to keep paying so our professional cleaning staff had income and Dallas Maids could continue to operate. Others offered generous tip to help staff weather this pandemic storm. All of us at Dallas Maids are overwhelmed with the love flowing in.

I’m so grateful the Dallas Maids family feels this support during times like these. We need it. It gives us hope. This P.S. I wrote in an update for our amazing customers expresses what we all feel at Dallas Maids:

P.S. Our hearts have been profoundly touched by some of our wonderful customers who have decided to temporarily cancel service yet still pay because they cared deeply for their cleaners and our local, family owned business. You are absolutely amazing! And as I type this, tears are swelling up. You are making an immense difference during these difficult times. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!

I cannot thank our amazing customers enough for their help. You’ve shown the worst of times brings out the best in people! I want to pay this generosity forward…

Free Housecleaning for First Responders

Overcome with our client’s kindness, we are now paying it forward. Using the funds of customers still paying after cancelling along with donations, Dallas Maids is now offering free cleans to first responders.

How You Can Help

green dot If you are a customer and have cancelled service yet are still paying because you want to support us (We Love You!), we are donating your clean to a first responder.

green dot If you are not a customer yet still want to help our local, hardworking first responders, donate $300, $200, $100, or whatever your can afford because every bit helps! Your donation will provide free housecleaning – and some much-needed relief – for our fatigued first responders.

green dot Customer or not, you can help by sharing this on Facebook, Twitter, and with first responders you know.

Donate a House Cleaning for a First Responder

Call Dallas Maids Now!

or go to Dallas Maids’ GoFundMe page:

Are You a First Responder?

If you are a healthcare worker or first responder, thank you for the work you are doing to keep us safe during the coronavirus pandemic. Dallas Maids would like to lessen your stress by offering a free clean. Just call or email us.

First responders requesting a free clean, please note:

green dot Be prepared to submit a photo ID from the place of employment in order to schedule your free home clean (e.g. Police Officer ID not the Police Officer’s driver’s license).

green dot Free cleans are on a first come, first serve basis, provided as long as donations last.

green dot First responders are defined as medical professionals (e.g. paramedics, doctors, nurses, hospital and medical staff, medical researchers), police officers, and fire fighters.

Thank you for your service and for giving us a chance to serve you!

The Science Is Clear: A Clean Homes Relieves Stress

Your donation helps our fatigued first responders relieve stress by providing them a clean home. A University of California study has concluded a connection exists between clean homes and your mental health. Evidence in the study demonstrates a decluttered and clean house reduces cortisol levels.

In addition to better mental health, the benefits of a clean house also helps your physical well-being. NiCole R. Keith, Ph.D., research scientist and professor at Indiana University, determined people with clean houses are healthier than those with unkempt homes. They actually found clean home environments were a bigger predictor for physical health than neighborhood walkability and other factors.

Thank you for your donation. It will offer much needed mental and physical stress our first responders are enduring during the pandemic.

We are all overwhelmed. People are scared. And people are supporting each other, even a small family-owned company like Dallas Maids. It is a privilege to pay forward the generosity. We are all in this together!

Call Today to Donate a House Cleaning

Call Dallas Maids Now!

or go to Dallas Maids’ GoFundMe page:


~ Raymond and the Dallas Maids family

P.S. If you can’t donate you can still help by spreading the word. Share this post and/or the pic below on Facebook, Twitter, Anywhere! The more people that know, the more people that can help our local first responders. Thank you ❤️

Dallas Maids - First Responder Fatigue Relief Fund

About Dallas Maids: Dallas Maids ( is an award-winning house cleaning business that provides peace and adds happiness to its clients’ lives by removing the tedious chore of house cleaning so they may have more valuable time with family, friends, and themselves! Our headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas. We have been servicing homes for 16 years.

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