Dallas: The City of Random Acts of Kindness

Dallas Maids - Dallas: The City of Random Acts of Kindness

We love random acts of kindness. We are thrilled and thankful for D Magazine announcing Dallas Maids’ First Responders Fatigue Relief Fund on dmagazine.com.

The fund was inspired by the generous acts of our customers during the Covid-19 pandemic. Fearful of having anyone in their home, many canceled service yet still wanted to keep paying just to support our small, family-owned business.

We wanted to pay it forward by donating their home cleanings to first responders.

On May 19th, 2020, D Magazine wrote:

Dallas: The City of Random Acts of Kindness, Pt. 12

Though Dallas Maids has been a thriving cleaning service for 16 years, its future looked grim when the shelter-in-place order took effect. Residential cleaning services were deemed essential businesses, but the company’s owner, Greg Shepard, knew that many of his regular customers wouldn’t feel comfortable having someone visit their homes.

Though cancellations rolled in “like an avalanche,” says Shepard, he and his team were touched when many customers insisted on paying anyway to support the small business. Others kept their appointments and added generous tips.

“[Our customers have] shown that the worst of times brings out the best in people,” says Shepard. “I want to pay this generosity forward by providing our local area first responders with free home cleanings [to lessen] their stress.”

Dallas Maids’ First Responders Fatigue Relief fund provides complimentary home cleaning services for the first responders working to fight COVID-19. The fund also ensures that the company’s professional cleaners receive their regular pay. Customers can choose to donate their scheduled cleanings to first responders by continuing to pay their regular rates. Non-customers can help, too: donate here, share the link with friends, and let first responders know about the opportunity.

Free cleanings are available to medical professionals (paramedics, doctors, nurses, hospital and medical staff, and medical researchers), police officers, and firefighters. Shepard and his team hope that the cleanings will help front line workers decompress. A clean and tidy home is beneficial for both physical and mental well-being, says the company.

“[We’re thankful] for the work they are doing to keep us safe during the coronavirus pandemic,” says Shepard. “Thank you for your service and for giving us a chance to serve you!”

by Emily Heft ~ D Magazine (source)

We’re so thankful for D Magazine and we hope to spread more Random Acts of Kindness!