How to Find a Good Maid Service

Dallas Maids - How to Find a Good Maid Service

When you could use a helping hand around the house professional maid service can be a life saver and today, more than ever, busy families are turning to house cleaning services for their cleaning needs. You should know that not all services are created equally and the decision to hire a particular service isn’t one that should be taken lightly.

Choosing the wrong service could mean real trouble, ranging from property damage to theft, from lousy service to legal problems.

So how can you find a good maid service and reap the benefits of a quality professional housekeeper without the headache? Here are three great questions to ask your potential maid service today!

Will the same maid service team clean my house every time?

There are four reasons that having the same team every time should be a priority.

  1. To maintain consistent quality- If you have a regular team you won’t have to keep showing new maids what you want. The team will learn how to clean your home your way and more efficiently
  2. To create a sense of ownership. If the housekeeper knows that this is their house, their responsibility they will work doubly hard to please you and keep their client.
  3. Less risk of breakages. This is their house, they know it like the back of their hand. They are invested so they are going to be very careful with your posessions. Still make sure that the company is insured for at least $100,000 in case of a breakage or mistake.
  4. Peace of mind. You should absolutely know who is cleaning your home. You should feel comfortable with your housekeeper and if you don’t you should fire your service. This is the place where your family sleeps! It is safer to go through a service than to hire an individual, the service should run background checks on their employees and again, insurance is a must against theft and breakages.

What is your employee turnover rate?

This might seem like a non-issue at first glance, but the employee turnover rate speaks volumes about your potential maid service. The first reason this is important takes us back to the question about having the same team every time.

The second reason is that a company with a high employee turnover rate has a broken system. A good maid service finds good people, hires them and then keeps them happy so that they will stay for years.

To follow up with this question you can ask how the service finds and selects their housekeeper. Do they do criminal background checks? They better! What are their preferred qualifications? What’s the training process like? These questions will give you insight as to the care and caution the company is taking before they send someone to clean your home.

Why are your housekeepers the best?

The management of a great cleaning service should be able to answer this one with no hesitation. Look for lots of enthusiasm, clear reasons and obvious pride in their level of service and their employees. Ask for references, reputable services will be happy to provide them.

The integrity and dedication of the managers is good indicator of what you can expect from the service as a whole.

That’s it for this special edition of Clean Freaks. We hope you are now better prepared to find a good maid service that you will want to stick with for years to come. Of course you can always save yourself the trouble and just call Dallas Maids!

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