Company Cleans First Responders’ Homes Story on Fox 4 News

Dallas Maids - Company Cleans First Responders' Homes Story on Fox 4 News

On June 22nd, 2020, Fox 4 News aired a story on Dallas Maids’ free cleans for first responders. We were so thrilled because after the broadcast our phones lit up. We were able to pay forward the support and love our amazing customers had shown our small, locally owned cleaning service.

In addition to our front line heroes calling in to schedule their stress-relieving cleans, absurdly generous folks offered to help by donating their time to clean first responders homes for free! We are compiling a list and plan to match these wonderful souls to first responders after funds dry up.

Sadly, they can not work under Dallas Maids due to liability reason. But, we can offer cleaning tips and share our corona virus policies and procedures! This helps keep them and the first responders safe.

Dallas Maids is passionate about helping others. Some examples are our scholarships to help families of our Dallas Maids cleaners and our collaboration with Cleaning for a Reason.

Hard times like this really show what we’re made of, as individuals and as a country. First responders have a huge weight on their shoulders right now. They are overworked, underpaid, physically and mentally exhausted.

They don’t have the time, nor the energy, to clean and tidy their houses. A house cleaned by a professional cleaner will improve their mental health and of course, their homes will be sanitized and safe for them.

You can help us keep this going by donating a clean to a first responder. While you’re there, check our booking page if you need to book a cleaning service for your home as well.

Also, a huge THANK YOU to Fox 4 News for spreading the word. It’s a privilege to serve those that serve our community! We will be back soon!