Cleaning Company Stays Busy with Free Services for First Responders

Dallas Maids - Cleaning Company Stays Busy with Free Services for First Responders

Being a resident of the Lakewood area, my family regularly receives the Advocate Magazine. They pride themselves as a hyper-local targeted magazine bringing neighborhood news to residents.

Recently they reported on Dallas Maids first responders relief fund.

I’m thrilled my company’s free cleans for first responders is getting local recognition from well-regarded publications such as The Advocate and D Magazine.

We’ve included here the Lakewood Advocate article recognizing Dallas Maids’ efforts. If you want to check it out, click here: Road to Recovery: Cleaning Company Stays Busy with Free Services for First Responders.

At Dallas Maids, we strongly believe in helping each other and our community. We have collaborated with different charities, like Cleaning for a Reason. We have donated to different funds and supported our people as much as possible.

And now we came up with our relief fund for first responders. House cleaning has shown many benefits both in the physical sense and the mental health sense.

People with clean homes are less likely to get sick from bacteria or mold. They are also well-rested and feel calmer when their home is clean and tidy.

And first responders are under huge stress right now. They are overworked, underpaid and with a lot of pressure. The last thing they want to do once they get home is tidying and cleaning their house.

We want to give back to our community and, in return, we all win. First responders with a clean home will be able to rest properly, decreasing any chances of them getting sick at home.

Here’s the extract from the Lakewood Advocate article:

Extract from The Lakewood Advocate Article

A Little Forest Hills neighbor is offering free house cleaning services for first responders through his business, Dallas Maids.

Owner Greg Shepard started the relief service as a way to keep his staff employed during the pandemic. Although many customers canceled their services, they continued paying, and Shepard parlayed those funds into free cleanings for first responders.

“It touched all of our hearts,” Shepard said. “The worst times bring out the best in people.”

Cleanings will be available on a first-come, first-served basis until donations run out. Customers must show a work ID to schedule their cleaning.

So far, the company has completed 13 cleanings for first responders.

“We got a review today from a first responder, and she expressed how much this has helped her,” Shepard said. “She was in New York for eight weeks helping. When you come home to a clean house, it’s a good feeling.”

As Dallas begins to reopen, Shepard said he still needs help. Neighbors can help support a local business and donate a cleaning on GoFundMe.

“We’re nowhere near where we were going into this, but we’re 60 or 65 percent of where we were,” Shepard said. “I’m glad. I know a lot of people have been hit harder. Even if you’re an essential business, it can really hurt.”

By Jaime Dunaway (source)
Greg in front of Dallas Maids' office

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