Merry Christmas from Dallas Maids!

Dallas Maids - Merry Christmas from Dallas Maids!

Merry Christmas from Dallas Maids! With just a few short hours before the big day, we all hope you’re enjoying the season with some mirth, laughter, and a good deal of fudge.

This nostalgic time of year always gets to me. It seems to be nature’s way of telling us to slow down and rest. Our ancestors certainly thought so.

The grueling labor of the spring planting, summer caretaking, and fall harvesting were over. For them it was a time to pause, enjoy the bounty and provision of the year, and reflect. The work is over, be still.

Our world has come a long way from those agricultural traditions and rhythms. But their message still holds power. The work of the year, whatever it may be, slows down. Long nights at work or out are typically replaced with warm fireplace chats, parties, and time with those we love. It’s a beautiful time to reflect and enjoy the bounty of the year.

A Lot to Be Grateful For

This year, we have had a lot to be grateful for. We were talking the other day as a team and I was overwhelmed by the stories of our staff. We work hard, yes. And we stake our reputation on it. But we’ve been blown away by the kindness of our customers.

From festive cookies at Halloween and Thanksgiving to writing heartfelt Christmas cards for our staff, you are amazing customers! We even have customers that pay for cleanings they cancel last minute, just to make sure their ladies are compensated despite the last-minute schedule change.

As I survey the year, it’s heartwarming to reflect on acts of kindness, generosity, and joy we share with you. To remember the hard work and have so many examples of customers who appreciate our business. As you get ready to celebrate Christmas and the New Year, I hope you’ll have a moment to reflect on nature’s way of calling us to be still. A moment to reflect on all the hard work and all the provision of the year.

Once again, Merry Christmas from all of us at Dallas Maids! We wish you a happy, hearty, fudge-filled Holiday and joyous New Year.

~ From all of the Dallas Maids Team